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Innovation in fashion and winemaking:


As a result of long-term scientific research, we have created a type of solid material made of natural wine as the raw material of Vincells jewelry. Our commitment not only to fashion but to science as designers and implementers contributed the invention of Vincells Wine Jewelry

The exceptional combination of fashion and this unique material gave Vincells Jewelry life.

The raw material for Vincells wine jewelry is made as a result of a complex multi-step chemical process of using special properties of natural wine and some excipients.

Each of our completed jewelry is incomparable!

All Vincells jewelry is special and unrepeatable.
You can verify the origin of your jewelry by entering a unique serial number.

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We are passionate to honor and pay eternal tribute to the flavor and mysterious beauty of wine by capturing them in stone.

Our jewelry is the perfect choice for all of our stylish customers who represent sophisticated elegance and luxury in their look.

Unique and outstanding handmade products represent your unique and outstanding personality.


Vincells jewelry is coming with precious metal accessories made of real silver and gold entirely. As we do not use parts or chains coated with precious metal wear of precious metal coatings on jewelry should not occur.

Every single part of Vincells jewelry is handmade and all jewels are provided with unique identifying numbers.