Exact description: Tie pin
Condition: New jewelry
Surface: Glossy
Precious metal material: Rhodium plated silver
Fineness: 925 ‰
Symbol: Yes
Approximate weight of jewelry: (g) 10,3
Type of wine: Red wine 

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It is made from real, drinkable wine


Made by hand, individually


Unique with identification number

Parts of precious metal as a whole, bearing a name mark and a metal mark

Special, exclusive packaging

Timeless elegance, modern forms

Are you a fan of new things?

We are the only ones in the world who make jewelry from real wine!

Vincells Borékszer is an original Hungarian invention. Its innovative value was confirmed by an international novelty research study. Fueled by her passion for wine and development, Ágnes Csikósné Homolya experimented for several years until she created the world-class unique Vincells wine stone.

The first stone of adequate quality was born after more than 30 unsuccessful attempts. Each and every final version of Vincells Wine product is gifted with the quality and composure to rise above all previous failures, dedication, perseverance and innovation.

Are you looking for excellent quality and timeless value?

Vincells only produces precious metal jewelry.

In order to ensure premium quality and durability, we only work with precious metals. The precious metal parts of our jewelry are entirely made of solid 18-carat gold

Each piece is individually checked and authenticated by the Precious Metals Testing and Certification Authority and provided with legitimate hallmarks.

Looking for something special?

Each Vincells wine stone is a unique, inimitable and unrepeatable work of craftsmanship.

Depending on its own properties, the wine which was used to make the stone turns into the stone which decorates the jewelry. The color and inclusions of the stone change unpredictably. Each wine shows a different pattern. We can also say that each Vincells wine stone is a unique fingerprint of the wine.

Vincells stones are full of life and personality. They shine a little differently in every light, and like wine, the color of wine stones can change over time.

Is the proof of authenticity important?

We guarantee reliability!

We certify all our jewelry with a certificate. Vincells Borékszerek are trademark protected products that are made in Hungary. The certificate contains data on the wine from which the Vincells wine stone part of the jewelry was made. In addition to these, the unique identification serial number, data on precious metals, the weight of the jewelry and two pieces of authentication seal are indicated on it. The last page of the certificate was prepared in such a way that it could also contain a personal message.

Do you wish to glare and radiate elegance?

Vincells minimalist design ensures this.

Vincells jewels is the perfect choice for all our stylish customers who represent refined elegance and luxury in their appearance.

The shape of our timeless jewelry is characterized by clean geometry, emphasizing the brilliance of the wine, which we enclosed in the stones.

Our minimalist style, classic, elegant jewelry will brighten up a simple everyday life as well as a special event.

And to whom do we recommend it? For anyone who wants to represent eternal style. We believe that style and elegance are timeless.

Are you a committed supporter of sustainability?

Vincells is a slow fashion company.

We believe that stable, timeless values ​​have a special role in our dynamically racing world, which is why we do not create mass products. Our jewelry does not chase fast, ever-changing fashion trends, but embodies eternal style.

Our trusted goldsmith makes our unique handcrafted jewelry from each special Vincells wine stone.

Do you want reliable identification of origin?

The enthusiastic, perfectionist team at Vincells strives for perfection.

Our essence is quality and reliability.

We provide our jewelry with a unique identification number. The serial number is a secret identification code, the meaning of which is known only to us, the creators. Based on the code, we tell you what kind of wine it is made from, which winery it comes from, and what vintage it is for any piece of jewelry. This serial number is placed on the back of the jewelry.

Is a comfortable and reliable purchase a basic requirement?

We guarantee simple, secure transactions and delivery.

Financial transactions are secured with bank-level protection. For the convenience of our customers, you can choose from several payment options.

Our jewelry is delivered to our customers with the help of a courier service or by personal collection.

Our environmentally conscious packaging also guarantees responsible shopping.


Checked and certified individually by the Precious Metal Testing and Certification Institute.

Safe background for warranty issues.

Available and helpful customer service.

Prices are in EUR and include VAT.

Eco-friendly packaging.

Safe and fast home delivery.

By purchasing a piece of Vincells wine jewelry, you become a member of our VIP club, where we provideyou with special offers.

All our jewelry is provided with a Warranty Card, which contains the necessary data, a description of the intended use, and instructions for cleaning and storage. Our guarantee is 2 years up to a value of EUR 625, and 3 years over EUR 625, according to current legislation.

Each piece of jewelry is completely unique and has a special pattern, so the ordered product may differ from the picture currently presented. Jewelry is a handicraft, made individually by the work of human hands. Possible surface continuity defects, refractions of the coating do not reduce the value of the jewelry, because this is a characteristic of Vincells wine stone. Vincells wine stone is alive, so like real wine, the stones may change color slightly over time.