Prevent your jewelry from being damaged by careless cleaning. Proper storage will preserve its original condition for a long time.

Occasionally have a jeweller / goldsmith professional professionally and thoroughly clean your jewelry.

  • Occasionally wipe your jewelry with a soft dry non-scratch cloth to remove dirt, grease and sweat from your jewelry. In this case, make sure that your jewelry does not have any dirt that would cause it to be scratched.
  • For wet cleaning of your jewelry, we recommend the jewelry cleaning cloth and jewelry cleaning fluid developed for this purpose.
  • Do not clean your jewelry at home with chemicals and abrasives as they may damage the jewelry.
  • Please note that silver parts and chains may turn black if the jewelry encounters sulfur. This is a natural chemical process, the resulting blackening of silver sulfide. If you notice such a change in the precious metal part of your jewelry, have it cleaned by a jeweler / goldsmith. To preserve the original shine of your jewelry, avoid medicinal waters, sulfur and more exposure to chemicals.
  • • During storage and use on silver jewelry, the above-mentioned silver sulfide layer may form over time because the open air also has a certain amount of sulfur content. The sulfur content of the open air comes primarily from exhaust gases and industrial plants.
  • Some cosmetics also contain sulfur, so these silver jewelry have silver on the surface form a sulfide. To preserve the light of your jewelry’s origins, avoid cosmetics products.
  • Silver sulfide discoloration can occur even from sweating the skin. Sweating is a natural process that is acidic. Its composition varies from individual to individual and many influencing factors have been observed.