Exact description: Ring
Condition: New jewelry
Surface: Glossy
Precious metal material: Rhodium plated silver
Fineness: 925 ‰
Symbol: Yes
Approximate weight of jewelry: (g) 2,6 – 3,4
Type of wine: Red wine
Size: 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59

Please during your order make note of the required size of the ring.

Shipping time depends on the buyer’s delivery address.

It is made from real, drinkable wine

Hungarian innovation

Made by hand, individually


Unique with identification number

Parts of precious metal as a whole, bearing a name mark and a metal mark

Special, exclusive packaging

Timeless elegance, modern forms

Unique ID and certificate

Each part of Vincells jewelry is made individually by the work of human hands, which are given a unique identification number. The serial number is a secret identification code, the meaning of which is known only to us, the creators. Based on the code, we tell any piece of jewelry what wine it is made from, which winery it comes from and what its vintage is. This identification serial number is placed on the back of the jewelry. You can check the serial number of the jewelry on the main page.

We certify all our jewelry with a certificate. Vincells Wine Jewelry products are trademarked products made in Hungary. The certificate contains the details of the wine which the Vincells stone part of the jewelry was made from. In addition, it bears the unique identification number, the details of the precious metals, the weight of the jewelry and two pieces of certification stamp. The last page of the certificate has been created to fit a personal message.

Real precious metals

The precious metal parts of our jewelry are made entirely of 14 carat gold or 925% silver. In our jewelry, the precious metal does not appear as a coating, but as a whole solid precious metal material, so no wear can occur, as in the case of coated jewelry. Each piece is individually inspected and certified by the Precious Metal Testing and Certification Institute and provided with the valid hallmarks. Beware of counterfeiters! According to current legislation, precious metals placed on the market bear the metal mark and the manufacturer’s name.

Packaging and transport

Vincells Wine Jewelry are delivered to our Customers with the help of a courier service. We tried to make the box which we send it in as conspicuous as possible and free of any flair. We did not want a flashy package to generate excessive interest during shipping. The GLS courier service, which we have a contractual relationship with, is responsible for the trouble-free delivery of our jewelry.

Protecting our environment is extremely important to us. Therefore:

  • we use boxes made of recycled, degradable paper

  • we use a completely harmless, biodegradable space filler, which is made from corn starch

  • we wrap our gift box in eco-friendly tissue paper for protection during delivery

  • the logo and inscription will be placed on our box with handcrafted stamping

  • we will invoice electronically instead of using paper

Vincells Wine Jewelry, a special gift

Vincells Wine Jewelry comes in a large gift box with uniquely designed and special iridescent motifs. We also recommend our jewelry packed in a gift box as a gift with a good heart. During shipping, a tissue paper liner is placed inside the box to prevent this jewelry from even moving accidentally. Our jewelry and boxes should only be touched with gloves, both during preparation and packaging.

The Vincells Wine Jewelry is what it is made mentioned above. We try to serve the modern and chic world of taste, by which we create really timeless pieces. We do not chase the act trends. We believe that style and elegance are timeless.

Only those who subscribe to our newsletter can receive special offers. Sometimes some of our jewelry is not uploaded to the website, it is not shown to the public, only subscribers can find out about it. We vowloyalty to our customers. Purchasing a Vincells Wine Jewelry is automatically accompanied by a Vincells VIP Club membership, which provides a percentage discount on your next purchase.


Checked and certified individually by the Precious Metal Testing and Certification Institute.

Safe background for warranty issues.

Available and helpful customer service.

Check serial number on the main page.

Prices are in EUR and include VAT.

Eco-friendly packaging.

Safe and fast home delivery.

By purchasing a piece of Vincells wine jewelry, you become a member of our VIP club, where we provideyou with special offers.

All our jewelry is provided with a Warranty Card, which contains the necessary data, a description of the intended use, and instructions for cleaning and storage. Our guarantee according to the valid legal regulations up to the value of HUF 100,000 for 1 year, up to the value of HUF 200,000 for 2 years.

Each piece of jewelry is completely unique and has a special pattern, so the ordered product may differ from the picture currently presented. Jewelry is a handicraft, made individually by the work of human hands. Possible surface continuity defects, refractions of the coating do not reduce the value of the jewelry, because this is a characteristic of Vincells tartar.