Our jewelery


Our Wine lover Collection is designed to highlight the natural beauty of Vincells wine stones. In this collection, stones are not supplied with engraved patterns or semi-precious stones but only identification number. We tended to reveal the beauty of Vincells stones by precious metal accessories. Both Vincells stones and precious metal accessories are made individually by the work of human hands, adding all the love of the creators.

This special material is completely unique and unrepeatable. Due to the natural properties of the wine, the formation of the patterns found in Vincells stones cannot be influenced, we can even call it the reprint of the wine


Our Wine letters Collection was created to express truly personal feelings. The natural beauty of Vincells tartar is an exclusive background for important emotions and thoughts. Our engraved stones can speak when our voice breaks. It can be either a love message or an important date.

The pieces of the collection are currently custom-made, you can use the jewelry designer on our website, or contact us at vincells@vincells.com.