How it is made


During several years of scientific research the inventor of Vincells tartar have succeeded in identifying and experimenting a unique process of wine solidification for the first in the world. The raw material for Vincells wine jewelry is made as a result of a complex multi-step chemical process of using special properties of natural wine and some excipients.

The stones of the jewelry are made in our workshop equipped with the special technology required for their production.

First, we need to know the wine we before it is solidified. Its chemistry and physical parameters are studied properly before the following stages are proceeded.

The solidification technology takes nearly 8-10 weeks through an extremely sensitive process.

During the solidification natural fermentation and precipitation process take place in Vincells stones delivering air bubbles and various inclusions in the material. As a result unique patterns are formed.

Any wine is not suitable for making Vincells wine jewelry stones, so a strict preliminary examination is essential. The selected wine should be entirely real and should include all its natural ingredients.

The noble wine we consume, the greater experience we wear the jewelry made of it

Wine jewelry is made by using a significantly larger amount of wine compared to the size of the stone caught in our hands.

By wearing a Vincells jewelry set, you can carry the secrets of a bottle of wine encased in stone.

The finished stones are extremely durable, partly translucent and have a unique pattern.

The finished stones are coated with a thin coating to preserve their brilliance.

This is similar to how natural wood or leather gets a nourishing layer.