Can you guess what the name of our unique jewelry, Vincells, symbolizes?

When creating the name, we strived for sophisticated elegance and simplicity as well as for each piece of jewelry. Our goal was for the name to effectively express the nature of the product. Point out in essence how we want to enrich the World. The name is engineeringly simple, expressive, but it has its own romantic charm, soft mystery.

“Vin” refers to the grapes and the wine made from it, which forms the basis of our jewelry. The wine that has accompanied the history of mankind for thousands of years. The wine is a symbol of culture, art, sophisticated nobility, joy and celebration. The wine and the atmosphere, which was once the sacred elixir of the kingdom and the priesthood, is a dreaded treasure, today it is an indispensable companion of gastronomy and holidays, a source of pleasure, medicine and now also jewelry. All of our products are nectar and it bears all its symbols, because wine has a special meaning for everyone.

“Cells”, like cells, refers to the fact that each wine and the jewelry made from it has a unique, inimitable history, enclosed in jewelry for the wearer of eternal memory. In a tiny ornament embodied by nature, the weather is vast, sometimes wonderful, sometimes the overwhelming power that nourished the grapes has ripened it.However, every piece of Vincells stone is made by hand from our wine for our customers who love, remember, rejoice, shine in. Each of our jewels has a special story. A wonderful, romantic moment, a great moment. a day, an important holiday, a person dear to our hearts, a good vintage that we will never want to forget.

Jewelry is a box that forever encapsulates a mystery, an emotion, a mysterious secret of a thought, and the infinity of nature.

How great is that?

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